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Bach flower therapy

"Negative emotions give way to positivity: that is the power of nature."

The idea behind Bach flower therapy

Bach flower therapy was provided by Dr. Edward Bach discovered in the 1930s. The idea behind this is that a disease is not necessarily caused by the body, but by having long-lasting negative emotions. These then have an impact on your body, so that you can develop complaints or become ill. You may have also experienced it when you walked in a natural environment: you felt more at peace and at one with the world. That is the power of flowers and the power of nature.


Bach flowers are completely safe and can be used by everyone and can be used for adults, children and animals.


Bach remedies - What problems can Bach flowers help you with?

Flowers have a healing effect. In total there are 38 Bach flowers. These 38 Bach flowers all have unique properties that can help you in their own way. So you can imagine that there are a lot of complaints and problems, where these blossoms can help you. Below a number of the most important complaints are listed for you.


Various fears
We all have fears from time to time. Unfortunately, you may experience this for a longer period of time. At some point they dictate your life. This will eventually lead to physical discomfort. If you want to overcome your worries and without living in constant fear, Bach flower therapy can certainly help you with that.


Social insecurities
Not everyone finds it easy to make contact with others. One person feels nervous around others, the other does not always know what to say. Unfortunately, this can lead to social isolation. People who have become socially isolated are more likely to suffer from ill health. That is why it is important to tackle the problem in a timely manner. Even with these problems, the blossoms can make you stand more firmly in your shoes.


Busy head
We all live busy lives. In addition to our work, we have our social environment that we have to take into account on a daily basis. The rise of the smartphone has also further ensured that we are busy in our heads, because those emails and messages keep coming in. This can become too much for us, which has a physical impact. Fortunately, there are several Bach flowers that can help you with this.


✽ Worrying too much about others
In our immediate environment, each of us has a lot of people we care about. However, you may be too worried about the other person. You worry every day and keep pushing yourself out to serve others. Even if you experience these emotions for too long, you can have problems with your health. Bach flower therapy helps you with this.


The transition

More than 95 percent of menopausal women experience the discomfort of hot flashes and night sweats. You too can miss the hot flashes like a toothache. Bach flowers help you naturally with hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. Are you looking for a plant-based and natural means to get through menopause and menopause healthy ... then you've come to the right place.


Live in the now

Carpe diem, seize the day. It's easier said than done. In our daily life we ​​are often busy with the next hour, the next day or that one appointment next week. We never live in the now. Bach flowers help you enjoy the moment itself and worry less about what might happen next.


Results Bach flower therapy

Bach flower therapy ensures:

Bach flower therapy mix Joyce Romkes

Do you have the feeling that sometimes everything becomes too much for you? That you keep grinding or that you do not know how to deal with certain things? We all experience negative emotions from time to time. Sometimes we are angry or sad, other times we suffer from fears and insecurities. It is very normal to feel these emotions, but when you experience negative feelings for too long it can have repercussions on your health. Bach flowers help you to deal with these emotions and thus tackle the source of the complaint or illness. Bach remedies are plant extracts that have a positive effect on emotions experienced as negative and bend them into their positive counterpart. For example, if you feel insecure, you can take a specific Bach flowers remedy to put yourself in a stronger position.


good night

self confidence

acceptance of things you cannot change, such as the loss of a loved one or situations related to other people's behavior.

increased energy

the feeling of regaining control

inner peace

can enjoy again


can deal better with strong emotions

feel like things and life again

Method of Bachflower remedy treatment

We make an appointment either live, online, by telephone or on location* (your place). After the intake conversation we will discuss any inconveniences you experience. By assembling your story I pick out the necessary Bachflower remedy or a combination of Bachflower remedies to support the transformation of as negatively experienced emotions into their positive opposites. In this process I will guide you to a different point of view in order to manifest different kinds of benefits to renew and optimize your health. In case of online or telephone consulting the Bachflower remedy bottle will be sent to you. 

Method Bach flower therapy mix Joyce Romkes


A Bach flower therapy consultation can take place live, on location or at home (*), online or by telephone. You can pick up the remedies and mixes or have them sent to you (postage costs are added to this). Online shop?


The Bach flower remedies take place according to the latest COVID-19 measures.

Investment, costs Bach flower therapy

Bach flower consultation per hour : € 90 (*)

Bach flower mix per bottle: € 15,-

Bach remedy refill: € 12.50

Sending costs bottle within the Netherlands €5,-

(*) Travel time compensation is calculated per return for a consultation on location or at home.

​ Travel time allowance per return from and to Saeftinge 29 in Haarlem: €15 per 15 minutes or part thereof. plus any parking costs.

Book your Bach flower consultation now with the power of nature as a healer.


Do you want to book a Bach flower consultation and/or buy a mix/refill, more information or do you have a question. Then leave your details on the contact form, so that I can contact you as soon as possible. Or use the chat, I am often present live (the chat is not a computer). Of course you can also e-mail me directly to  or call on 06 - 1038 1039.

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