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Personal Training

"Tailor-made personal training courses for more energy, weight loss, fitness, strength and more…."

Someone who can make you do things you never thought you could do, or achieve goals you never thought you would achieve? Thanks to my years of experience in training with people of all shapes and sizes and my work as a coach and energetic therapist, I feel automatically what you need to achieve and, more importantly, maintain your goals. Whether that is more energy, weight loss, more condition, strength, flexibility, self-confidence or injury recovery… I am qualified and experienced in all areas. A total approach with one and the same trainer is a nice pro! An investment in yourself is priceless when it comes to your health and fitness. These two factors often largely determine your self-esteem and therefore your happiness.

What is Personal Training​​ ?

A personal training is a one-on-one training, tailor-made especially for you. We will work together towards your goal, at your level and at your pace. In addition, I stimulate and motivate you to discover your own limits and to push your limits by getting out of your comfort zone during the training sessions and achieving lasting results.
I also give you:

Personal Training by personal trainer Joyce Romkes in Haarlem

Happiness is for sale! Invest in yourself and experience growth and happiness.

Personal training can take place live or online. Live: outside, at home or on location.
Online: Training, coaching and nutritional advice.


Are you the one who thinks every day; I should really do something about my condition and want to feel more energetic. Or are you the one who has been fluctuating in weight for a long time and continues to yo-yo and do you sometimes want that beautiful, sexy body with beautifully displayed muscles or a lot of muscle mass? And are you also the one who keeps postponing or not holding on to that?


to lose weight,

feeling energized and beautiful,

your condition,





or improve flexibility,

with lasting results?

Are you looking for someone who understands you, sees through and gives you exactly what you need to:

tips & tricks that are specifically aimed at your goal

nutritional advice

insight into where your strength lies

self confidence

insight into your pitfalls

tools to make behavioral changes

tools to persevere in new patterns that work for you instead of against you.

Why am I getting good results?

The added value that I offer as a personal trainer is that I am educated and certified in all areas. Both physically and as a trainer (strength, condition, flexibility etc), mentally, emotionally and spiritually as a coach, energetic therapist and medium. To give an example: You can train with the aim of "losing weight", and thereby lose weight, but often a relapse follows. This is because the cause of obesity is often not addressed. Why and when does someone eat too much? What's behind that? And how do you change that? Where an average trainer often largely looks, works and advises on a physical level, I take all aspects into account in my holistic approach. By working on a body, mind & soul level you ensure that not only your body becomes stronger and fitter, but you will also experience more willpower, perseverance, self-esteem and zest for life.  

Personal training results in:

more energy

more power

improved motor skills

more confidence

can cope better with stress

increased self-esteem

your sense of overall well-being

improved condition

more flexibility

recovery from injuries

more inner peace

positivity and meaning in life!

you feel beautiful and sexy again

Method of a personal training

  • acquaintance

  • intake

  • set goals, frequency and timeline

  • start measurement fat percentage, weight, mental state

  • start training courses explanation of techniques

  • follow-up training from basic to advanced

  • periodic evaluation physical, mental and emotional

  • periodic measurements

  • whatsapp support


  • live on location (inside or outside) or at home (*)

Personal Training by personal trainer Joyce Romkes in Haarlem

Outdoor training in Haarlem is given as standard at the Molenplas (P) in South Schalkwijk. Another location (outside or at home) is of course also possible. For another location, a travel time allowance of 15 euros per 15 minutes or part thereof per return will be charged, from Saeftinge 29, Haarlem.

  • online live stream

  • by mail and telephone (training programs, schedules and (nutrition) advice)

Personal training takes place according to the latest COVID-19 measures.


Investment, costs personal training

Personal training sessions are live outside or at home, but also available online. (online: guidance, training and nutritional advice)
Actually, I already said it, personal training is priceless! My clients agree that it is extremely important that it can completely change your life, to invest in yourself and to experience what you get in return. They know that personal training is well worth it. You will be amazed what it can do for you!


Personal training : € 70 per hour (*)

Duo training : € 100,- per hour (*)

small group training 3-5 persons per hour : € 35,- pp (*)
small group training 3-5 persons 10x : € 300,- pp (*)
group training 6-10 persons per hour : € 20,- pp (*)
group training 6-10 persons : € 180,- pp (*)

(*) Travel time compensation is calculated per return for a personal training on location or at home.

​ Travel time allowance per return from and to Saeftinge 29 in Haarlem: €15 per 15 minutes or part thereof. plus any parking costs.


Do you want to feel good about yourself again and be proud of yourself and your body?
Do not hesitate any longer and book your personal training course now.



Do you want to book personal training, more information or do you have a question. Leave your details on the contact form, so that I can contact you as soon as possible. Or use the chat, I am often present live (the chat is not a computer). Of course you can also e-mail me directly to  or call on 06 - 1038 1039.

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