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Business Workshops

"Get to know Mindfulness and work on your relationship with your thoughts and emotions."

high working pressure





feeling of incompetence

a busy life

to care

feelings of depression


aches and pains

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is attention training. The original founder of Mindfulness is the American Jon Kabat-Zinn. In the 1970s he developed a program for people with chronic physical and psychological complaints. To this end, he combined ancient knowledge from Yoga and Buddhism with modern science and psychology. Over the years, Mindfulness has been further developed to become as widely accessible as possible for people who want to better deal with the challenges of our busy Western society. Mindfulness is now taking off, in mental health care, in top sports, in business and even in politics.


Mindfulness gives you a different relationship with your thoughts and emotions. You learn to take some distance from them, so that they affect you less and can see your situations more factually. Mindfulness also teaches you to deal with things in a more relaxed manner, so that you do not lose your energy in challenging situations, but remain effective and powerful. Through Mindfulness your self-knowledge grows and you get more contact with yourself so that you will make more conscious, better choices.


What problems can Mindfulness help you with?

Do you ever suffer from:

Mindfulness business workshops

Mindfulness business training is awareness training for professionals. People learn to become aware of what is actually going on inside them, what they actually think and feel and how this affects their behavior and their work. The result is personal growth and improved effectiveness. Mindfulness gives you the freedom and power to change the things in your life that you can change, the calmness to accept the things you cannot change, and the wisdom to recognize the difference between them.



Do you recognize the following in your company?

(in a way) to be attentive in the here and now

recognize your automatic pilot, you experience what it is like when you learn to turn it off

the difference between the “do” and “be” mode

distance yourself from (awkward / unpleasant) thoughts and emotions

deal differently with stressful or overwhelming situations

how, based on a fresh open mind, you can become more effective and make more conscious, better choices, and

you learn very practical exercises for at home and at work to quickly come to yourself

What can I do for you?

I provide Mindfulness workshops in Dutch and English for companies and organizations. I give these workshops in-company and at external locations, during or outside working hours and tailored to the wishes of the company or organization. The number of participants in a workshop can vary from 8 to 100 participants. A Mindfulness workshop can be an accessible introduction to Mindfulness for an organization. A Mindfulness workshop can also be part of a work-life balance program within the company, a relationship day or an event.


The basic workshop “Mindfulness for companies” takes 1.5 to 2 hours. I also give shorter or longer workshops according to the wishes of the company.



Live “in house” or on location * `and / or via online livestream.


Mindfulness training takes place according to the latest COVID-19 measures.


Investment, costs of a business Mindfulness workshop

The investment of a Mindfulness workshop depends on the group size, the location (place, in-house or external) and the time (during working hours, in the evening or at the weekend).


People during workshop

Are you ready for an in-depth experience and change in your life and business? To get the best out of your life and therefore your company? Book a mindfulness workshop for your company now or request a quote without obligation.



Would you like to book a workshop, more information or do you have a question. Please leave your details on the contact form, so that I can contact you as soon as possible. Or use the chat, often I am present live (the chat is not a computer). Of course you can also e-mail me directly or call me on 06 - 1038 1039.


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