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Personal life and spiritual Coaching

"Put yourself back into your strength."

In other words, for all types of questions and objectives! Nothing is to crazy.


For whom?


You don't have to reinvent or reinvent the wheel yourself for accelerated personal growth and achieving your goal. Everyone needs teachers to develop. The investment in yourself is the only thing you can take with you and it will last for the rest of your life. Allow yourself the experience and power of personal coaching.



Coaching for groups is a great added value for every participant's development. You learn with each other and from each other through goal-oriented exercises, which provides insight into situations you encounter or how you can achieve your goal.



For every company there are consciously or unconsciously themes within the company, as a result of which things such as motivated staff, high productivity, a pleasant working atmosphere or constructive communication can become blocked. Business coaching aims to bring these themes to light and transform so that the flow within your company can recover.


Different types of coaching programs


Do you feel stuck? Do you feel restless and do you feel that something needs to change? Are you in a situation that you just cannot resolve? Are you an entrepreneur and is your company ready for a reset and are you not sure what it takes?


Coaching can help you to gain insight into why you can't get any further, where that unrest and vicious circle comes from and how you can then change that.


When coaching?

Coaching is useful in any situation about which you have a question. For example with:

Dealing with change, stress, illness, trauma or loss. For balance and inner peace.

Get to know and use personal qualities (eg career). For a fulfilled life.

Apply a healthy lifestyle (nutrition and exercise advice). For more energy and well-being.

Getting to know personal pitfalls. To be able to grow in and achieve what you want.

Family, family, relationship, upbringing, finances, work and entrepreneurship.


career coaching

burnout coaching

personal growth coaching

family and relationship coaching

psychological coaching

reintegration coaching

health coaching

trauma coaching

child coaching

HSP coaching

RESULT of a coaching process:

clarity in your talents and your way

harmony and tranquility within yourself

return to your core

harmonious relationships

insight into yourself and growth

can get back to work

improved health and energy

healing of body and mind

your child happy and happy again

be confident in the world

Entrepreneurs and companies

(personal) leadership coaching

staff motivation coaching

restructuring coaching

communication and relationship coaching

effectiveness coaching

productivity coaching

business mentality coaching

health coaching

mindfulness coaching

RESULT of a coaching program:

be the leader you want to be

motivated staff

the right structure within your company

strong mutual relationships

high effectiveness

high productivity

high employee loyalty

healthy employees

happy and satisfied employees

Method of a coaching process

  • Acquainted; In an introduction we will discuss your motivation, background, personality and objective to get a rough overview of which steps to take and in what time span.

  • Issue discussion; In this phase, we discuss the core of the issue to clarify exactly what your objective is. Is it the objective or problem for which you think you are looking for a solution or is it an objective that takes place in the background, unconsciously?

  • Tracing causes through research in the inner and outer world; In this phase we investigate together what the patterns are within you and in your environment that have led to the issue.

  • Guidance in further self-examination; Self-inquiry is often not what we feel like and we all have some sort of resistance to it. However, this step is very important to get out of your comfort zone. Self-inquiry increases your self-knowledge and with that you gain insight into yourself and your learned patterns, which no longer work for you, in order to be able to grow further. I guide you in this by means of specific techniques and questions. Opening yourself up and being prepared to answer critical questions honestly is key in this.

Image by Miguel Bruna
  • Providing tools to achieve results towards solving the problem and achieving the objective; After you gain insight into your patterns that no longer work for you, I will provide several scenarios that you can start using. The path to take in this is different for everyone. We discuss which path suits you best and will work for you. What's your way? What feels good and what doesn't feel right with your personality.

  • Successfully learning to implement the tools provided; By means of practical exercises and assignments, specifically aimed at your way of being and way of self-development.

  • Evaluation implementation; In this phase we evaluate how you experienced the applied tools. What works and what doesn't work for you and why or why not. Based on this result, we can make adjustments where necessary until you are ready to confidently take the wheel again.


The coaching can be given live on location or at home, online or by telephone. Coaching takes place according to the latest COVID-19 measures.

Investment, coaching costs


Coaching per hour : € 90 (*)

Groups 5-30 people

Coaching per hour : € 400,- ex VAT 21% (*)

Coaching 1,5 hours :  €575 ex VAT 21% (*)

Coaching 2 hours : €750,- ex VAT 21% (*)

(*) Travel time compensation is charged per return for coaching on location or at home.

​ Travel time allowance per return from and to Saeftinge 29 in Haarlem: €15 per 15 minutes or part thereof. plus any parking costs.



Your investment (costs) depends on the size of your company, duration, number of employees and request for help. Therefore, please contact us without obligation for a quote.                              

Do you want to grow? Do you want different? Do you want better? Get out of your comfort zone now and book the first session of your growth trajectory or contact us without obligation for an introduction to see if I can do something for you.


Do you want to book coaching sessions, more information or do you have a question. Then leave your details on the contact form, so that I can contact you as soon as possible. Or use the chat, I am often present live (the chat is not a computer). Of course you can also e-mail me directly to  or call on 06 - 1038 1039.

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Logo JR (transparent).PNG
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Energetic Therapy Joyce Romkes

Energetic Therapy

For complaints on a physical, mental or emotional level.

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House cleaning medium Joyce Romkes

House cleaning

Your home or business will be calm and full of positive energy again.

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Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Singing bowl massage

For deep relaxation of body and mind.

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Yoga Meditation Mindfulness Joyce Romkes

Yoga and Mindfulness

Attention and insight for body and mind. Back to your natural state.

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Medium Consult Joyce Romkes

Medium Consult

Deep insight into yourself, your situation and growth opportunities.

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Bach Flower Therapy Joyce Romkes

Bach Flower Therapy

Negative emotions give way to positivity.

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Intuitive Trainings Joyce Romkes

Intuitive Workouts

Become the best version of yourself. The start of an exciting journey.

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Personal Training Joyce Romkes

Personal Training

Feel better: more condition, strength, flexibility, coordination and stability.

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