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House cleansing

"The energy starts to flow again, you feel good again and situations turn for the better."

bad sleeping



tearful, restless or anxious children

general feeling of discomfort

feeling anxious


regular disagreements

a lot of sadness or anger

unexplained events (light, water, sound, touch, feeling cold or warm, things out of place or falling over)

things that just don't work out, such as a renovation, moving, renting or buying your house, renting out or selling your house

sleep well

more energy

pleasant feeling in your home

calm and happy children

inner peace

more confidence

a smooth renovation

quick sale of your house

fast rental of your house

pleasant move into your new home

RESULT of an energetic home cleansing:


Sometimes it is very clear that your house, apartment or business is energetically polluted, but it is more often very difficult to recognize it. The energy of a polluted home can work very subtly, making it seem like the things that are adversely affecting you are part of normal life. After all, everyone sometimes has setbacks, is sick or is not feeling well. Especially children, if present in the house, are often the first to give clear signs that “something” is not quite right. They see or experience scary things, sleep poorly and become restless and weepy.


Why cleanse a home or business premises?

Sensitive people, children and animals can subconsciously experience an indeterminate feeling as soon as they enter a building, space or area. An energetic cleansing of the house, building or area is advisable and certainly not an unnecessary luxury if you recognize the following:


Energetic house cleaning medium Joyce Romkes

Do you feel uncomfortable in a certain room or do strange and inexplicable things happen at home or in your company? Or do you have the feeling that “something” is present or that something just doesn't work out? As a medium I can read the house or the (business) space, as it were, and cleanse it energetically.


An energetic home cleansing ensures that the old energies experienced as negative are cleared away and positive energy can flow again in your home, space or business premises. You will experience this, because everything will feel lighter, more pleasant and warmer and relationships and situations will run smoother.



Do you recognize the following in your company?

RESULT of an energetic company cleansing:

insufficient company turnover

high absenteeism

high staff turnover

conflict between colleagues and / or management

demotivated staff

low productivity

fatigue after the working day

a lot of sadness or anger

difficult sale or rental of your business premises

positive cash flow

increased sales

low absenteeism

low staff turnover

harmony between colleagues and / or management

motivated staff

high productivity

more energy after a working day

quick sale or rental of your business premises

Causes of an energetically polluted home or presence

An indefinable feeling, without knowing exactly where it comes from, can have various causes. In old, but also new houses and buildings, energies can remain or be present as negative, heavy and oppressive by (old) residents, visitors or employees, past (unpleasant) events or spirits and entities (so-called ghosts).

Negative emotions or emotional events, such as anger, annoyance, depression, stress, sadness, fear, irritation, frustration, loss and trauma can block the energy and make way for positive energy flowing through during and after the energetic cleansing ... and you can feel it!

It is therefore advisable to have your home energetically cleansed on a regular basis, just like spring cleansing.


Method of house cleansing or company cleansing

We make an appointment so that I can come to the address to read and clean the house or building. The average duration of a single-family home is 1.5 hours. The average duration of a commercial property depends on the surface area and number of spaces. This can vary from 1.5 hours to 5 to 6 hours. Before I start reading and energetically cleansing the spaces, I ask in a short conversation what is globally experienced. Then I will walk through the house with means to be determined, such as white sage, palo santo, certain sound, intention and by communicating with the energy present and clean the house or business premises. During cleansing, I receive the necessary information by making contact with the energy present.

Method of energetic house cleaning medium Joyce Romkes

After the cleaning, I will tell you in a consultation what I have observed in the house, what is important at that moment and we discuss any aftercare (if necessary) options.


Home and business cleanings can be booked anywhere in the world*. The energetic cleanings can be done live* but also online or remotely.

The energetic cleansing is carried out according to the latest COVID-19 measures.


Investment, costs of energetic house cleansing


€180,-, The duration is on average 1 to 1,5 hours and excluding travel time allowance and parking costs, See below.

Travel time allowance
Travel time compensation is charged per return to the address to be cleansed.
Travel time allowance per return from and to Saeftinge 29 in Haarlem: €15 per 15 minutes or part thereof. plus any parking costs. Parking costs are parking costs for 2 hours, in connection with walking distance and walking distance. Rate nearest available parking.

Examples of travel time allowance without parking costs with Google Maps:

  • Zandvoort : From Saeftinge 29, Haarlem to address to be cleaned Raadhuisplein 16, Zandvoort. One way 18 minutes. Return 36 minutes:

    • 36 minutes: 3 x €15 = €45 excluding any parking costs.

    • (Total cleaning at this address: €180 + €45 = €225,- plus any parking costs)

  • Amsterdam South : From Saeftinge 29, Haarlem to address to be cleaned President Kennedylaan 923, Amsterdam. One way 23 minutes. Return 46 minutes:

    • 46 minutes: 4 x €15 = €60, excluding any parking costs.

    • (Total cleaning at this address: €180,- + €60,- = €240,- plus any parking costs)

  • Utrecht: From Saeftinge 29, Haarlem to the address to be cleansed at Korte Minrebroederstraat, Utrecht. One way 50 minutes. Return 100 minutes:

    • 100 minutes: 7 x €15.- = €105,- excluding any parking costs.

    • (Total cleaning at this address: €180 + €105 = €285 plus any parking costs)

NB: All the above amounts include 21% VAT.


Business premises

The amount of your investment depends on the location, surface and the number of rooms. Contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Do not hesitate any longer and experience peace and positivity in your home, business, body and life again!

Book your energetic home or business cleansing now.


Do you want to book a home or company cleansing, more information or do you have a question. Leave your details on the contact form, so that I can contact you as soon as possible. Or use the chat, I am often present live (the chat is not a computer). Of course you can also e-mail me directly to  or call/whatsapp on 06 - 1038 1039.

​You can also whatsapp me by the chat below on the screen.  

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