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What I do

My name is Joyce and I live in Haarlem. I coach, train, read and treat energetically, children and adults (animals are also welcome). In addition, I clean houses energetically, I am a trainer in intuition (mindfulness), yoga and meditation and I am a personal trainer. My strength lies in my multi-disciplines. I can guide you in the most appropriate way on a physical, mental and spiritual level. All my work is aimed at individuals, groups and companies. The workshops can be tailor-made on request and can take place live, online, livestream, by e-mail or by telephone or even remotely. Book a session or workshop now and experience its power for yourself!


I graduated as a CAM therapist (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) at the 4-year higher vocational education Institute CAM in Utrecht with an energetic therapist as a discipline.

In addition, I have followed many training and courses to develop my mediumistic talents.

The 3-year training at the Academy for Mediumship in Naarden and the training for paranormal healer (aura and chakra healing, magnetization and Bach flower therapy) at the CIVAS,

Various mediumship courses at Arthur Findlay College in Stansted (UK) and demonstrating mediumship at Zwanenhof in Zenderen (NL).

I am a certified Shamballa basic master healer and I am a certified Hatha yoga, Yin yoga and Nidra yoga teacher.

In the field of sports I am a certified trainer in the AALO Master & manager and the AALO presenter training. I am a certified Pilates, Kickfun advanced, Cycling and fitness instructor.

I have 30 years of experience in counseling, training and coaching in the physical and mental field and over 10 years of experience in counseling in the spiritual field of individuals, groups and companies.


In person

Born in Haarlem, after which I moved to the quiet Drenthe. After completing my education at the atheneum, I moved back to Haarlem. My life after school actually started right away with a career in 2 of my biggest hobbies; dancing and sports.


After many years of dance performances at home and abroad, sports training and giving group lessons and personal training, I have made a change. Because of the many spiritual experiences during my life and a very stressful period, which led to a burnout, I came to the realization that I am highly sensitive and can therefore guide people in a very beautiful way. I discovered my gifts as a medium and started to develop these gifts as a medium and energetic therapist to guide people in this way to peace, health and happiness, their true self. I now combine all my talents and experiences on a physical, mental and spiritual level in one package, which has complete added value for my clients.



Energetic Therapy Joyce Romkes

Energetic Therapy

For complaints on a physical, mental or emotional level.

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House cleaning medium Joyce Romkes

House cleaning

Your home or business will be calm and full of positive energy again.

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Personal Life Coach Joyce Romkes

Personal Life Coach

For insight and advice for all your questions and objectives.

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Intuitive Trainings Joyce Romkes

Intuitive Workouts

Become the best version of yourself. The start of an exciting journey.

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Personal Training Joyce Romkes

Personal Training

Feel better: more condition, strength, flexibility, coordination and stability.

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Medium Consult Joyce Romkes

Medium Consult

Deep insight into yourself, your situation and growth opportunities.

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Bach Flower Therapy Joyce Romkes

Bach Flower Therapy

Negative emotions give way to positivity.

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Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Singing bowl massage

For deep relaxation of body and mind.

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Yoga Meditation Mindfulness Joyce Romkes

Yoga and Mindfulness

Attention and insight for body and mind. Back to your natural state.

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Business Workshops

Get to know Mindfulness.

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Contact with Joyce Romkes

Do you want an appointment, more information or do you have a question. Please leave your details so that I can contact you as soon as possible. Or use the chat, often I am present live (the chat is not a computer).

Of course you can also email me directly or call me on 06 - 1038 1039.

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