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Medium consultation: reading & contact with the deceased

"Deeper insight into yourself and your life questions."

What is a reading / medium consultation?

A reading, also known as a medium consultation, is a conversation in which I will read your energy as a client, as it were. By attuning myself with my own energy to yours, I receive information in different ways. This may be because I see, hear, feel or just know things. These things can come from the past, present or future. That may sound strange, but if one day you realize that time is just a fabrication and time does not actually exist, it is not surprising that all this information in the now is available in the energy and therefore also in yours. In this way I can answer the questions you have consciously or unconsciously by giving you insight into yourself and your situation.

During a reading in which I make contact with the deceased, I tune in to the energy of the deceased person. This is a different kind of feeling to me. It feels much softer and lighter. The messages do come through in the same way, through images or sound, a feeling or an inner knowing what the messages are that I can pass on to you from a deceased loved one.


Aura reading

An aura reading is always nice to do. Simply because it is nice to hear about yourself or because you have questions about, for example, family, love, work, finances or health.
In an aura reading I tune in as a medium to your energy and tell you about your past, present and possibilities for the future. Based on these results you will gain a deeper insight into yourself and your life (questions). After a reading you will experience more peace, self-confidence and control over your life.


Contact with the deceased

Do you have a question for someone who has passed away?
Weren't you able to say goodbye?
Or would you just like to make contact with someone you miss?
As a medium I tune in to the dimension of the afterlife, so that I can come into contact with the deceased and pass on their messages to you. Passing on these messages works on a deeply healing level. The peace in yourself returns, so that you will have the feeling that you can move on.


Psychometrics: Photo, object or name reading

With psychometry you can bring a photo, object or name to the reading session of a person you would like to know about. It could be that this person is alive or has already passed away. By attuning to the energy of the photo, object or name, I get messages that are important and I can pass them on.


Baby whisperer & children's whisperer

Do you experience that your baby or child cries a lot, sleeps poorly, is tired or restless, anxious, regularly has headaches or stomachaches, or shows certain behavior that you cannot explain, and does that cause a lot of stress and disagreement within the family? Then it is wise to book a consultation, where I will make contact with the child and the energy in the house. In a consultation I will tell you what the message is and give advice on how to resolve this situation.


Animal whisperer

Do you feel like something is wrong with your pet? Does he or she exhibit “strange” or undesirable behavior? Are you worried about changed behavior or does your dog or cat suddenly urinate in the house? It is also possible that an animal has certain complaints but you do not know exactly what it is now. The doctor can sometimes not give a definite answer.
Animals also have their own language. Unfortunately, they cannot talk to us in our own language. As a medium I make contact with animals to hear what is going on with them and will pass on this message and advice in a subsequent consultation.


Who is a reading / medium consultation for?

A reading is for anyone who has questions about:

Paranormal medium reading and contact with the deceased

Do you have questions about yourself and your situation? Are you unable to continue and do you have the feeling that you are walking around in a circle? As a medium I read your energy, as it were, or I make contact with the energy of a deceased person. A reading is not only great fun to receive, but it also gives you the feeling that you can continue, because you are just handed that missing puzzle piece. You regain control of the situation you would like to have an answer to. Do you have a question about your development, your relationship, your work, your company, finances, health, family or do you want to know how someone who has passed away is doing? Then choose a reading that suits you.


work and career









loss and mourning


business and management

and more ...

Whatever you have a question in, everything is welcome! For anyone who can use a little reflection or insight into a certain situation and for anyone who just finds it fun or exciting to do and experience.

I always say that a reading is a real gift for yourself. Sometimes a gift that you don't know exactly how to unwrap it in the beginning. Then when you have unwrapped it, you may not know exactly what you received and what it is for, but in the end you will know what it means and see it as a valuable gift that you have given yourself.


Results of a reading / medium & whisperer consultation

After a medium consultation you will experience:

more rest

more energy

more confidence

more control over your own life

a deeper contact with yourself and your environment

improved relationships

being able to make the right choices

more success

improved health

a feeling of overall well-being

more insight into your situation

more insight into yourself

improved behavior in children and animals

more rest for children and animals

a good atmosphere at home

"The success of a reading depends on several factors, including having biased ideas, the will to make contact with a specific person and the soul contact between medium and sitter."


Method of reading / medium consultation

After we have made an appointment about the location and the method of contact (live, online or by telephone) I will ask you in advance not to tell too much about yourself and / or the questions you have. In an aura reading (about you personally) I will tell you about your past, present and possibilities in the future. In addition, it works easiest for me if I know nothing or little about you or your question.

During the reading you can ask questions if you wish and I will pass on the messages that are important at that time.
In making contact with a deceased person or via a photo or object, I will also ask you to tell nothing or not much about the person you would like to contact in advance.

Method reading medium consultation Joyce Romkes

I also ask you to only answer the messages I pass on with yes, no or I don't know, so that the energy can flow well and the contact will be optimal. If you have any questions you can ask those you want to contact and I will pass the message on to you. It is wise to bring a pen and paper to write down some things for yourself.


A medium consultation or reading can be booked anywhere in the world. The reading can be done live but also online or remotely by e-mail, online livestream or by telephone.

All readings will be carried out according to the latest COVID-19 measures.

Investment, costs of a reading / medium consultation

Private reading : € 55 per half hour / € 95 per hour (*)

Group reading up to 10 people : €250 per hour (*)

Group reading up to 20 people : € 475,- per hour (*)

(*) Travel time compensation is charged per return for a reading or consultation on location or at home.

​ Travel time allowance per return from and to Saeftinge 29 in Haarlem: €15 per 15 minutes or part thereof. plus any parking costs.

Experience the power and renewed energy within yourself and book your personal or group reading now.


Do you want to book a reading / medium consultation, more information or do you have a question. Then leave your details on the contact form, so that I can contact you as soon as possible. Or use the chat, I am often present live (the chat is not a computer). Of course you can also e-mail me directly to  or call on 06 - 1038 1039.

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