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Energetic Therapy

"Give yourself a gift full of peace and energy and heal your body en mind!"

What is Energetic Therapy?

The therapy assumes that people develop complaints or become ill when their state of balance in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual respects has been disturbed for more or less for a long time and the natural healing power of man is no longer able to act on its own. create a new balance. The natural healing power is seen as a vital life force, which is present in every person, a natural inclination towards health and a capacity for self-maintenance. As an energetic therapist I can stimulate this life force. It is of great importance that you gain insight into the possible cause of your complaints, so that a change of consciousness can take place and the self-healing capacity is permanently activated.


Who is energetic therapy for?

Energetic therapy brings you back to your core which is naturally healthy, calm and full of joy and energy. I always say that an energetic treatment is comparable to regularly cleaning your house, topping up your car's oil and plugging your electric car into the socket to recharge it. An energetic treatment therefore works as a total cleaning and recharging session for your body and mind! Giving yourself an energetic treatment regularly is very nice, very relaxing and tackles complaints and illnesses. The old energy gives way to new healing energy. In this way complaints such as for example:


Are you not feeling the way you would like? Do you suffer from restless and depressed feelings, aches and pains or does no one know what to do with your complaints anymore?

Would you like to be able to relax more and live with confidence? Do you want to feel energetic and fit and no longer be hindered by physical, emotional and mental complaints?
Everyone wants to experience inner peace, to feel free and to be in their power, but how do you establish that? With energetic therapy I can support you in establishing this and show you the way, resulting in a renewed sense of vitality, positivity and overall well-being.




anxiety and panic attacks

headaches and migraines

back pain

shoulder complaints

neck complaints



poor visibility

ringing in the ears


chronic pain


irritable bowel IBS





and many other complaints and illnesses are addressed.

Energetic therapy works on a physical, mental and spiritual level. This is the reason why all kinds of complaints and diseases can be tackled. Energetic therapy is safe and I work with adults, children and animals. My experience is that children and animals are very open to this and very good results are achieved in case of hypersensitivity to noise, fear and sleeping and behavioral problems.


Factors that can disrupt a healthy balance include: stress, insufficient rest, poor eating habits, insufficient exercise, accumulation of waste products, trauma, ignoring one's own intuition and feelings.


Energetic therapy is eligible for reimbursement by health insurers (see costs / investment below)


Energy therapy results

good night

relief of pain, complaints and illnesses

inner peace

can deal better with setbacks

you recognize your limits

you can clearly set your boundaries

more confidence

more energy

more power

good self esteem

positive attitude to life

insight into yourself and your life

overall feeling of well-being and happiness

less anxiety and anxiety in children

improved behavior in animals

Process of an energetic treatment

We start with an intake, after which we discuss your request for help. After the conversation part, you take place fully clothed on a treatment table. During the energetic treatment I make use of the healing, universal energy that is present everywhere and always and I pass it on to your body and energy field, by sending the energy through my hands, light touches, strokes and certain grips. I can add or remove energy in the energy field, the energy centers and pathways. With this, your blockages are lifted and the energy flow is restored, so that your self-healing capacity is activated.

Energetic Therapy

In addition, I help to initiate a change in consciousness, so that the recovery and the results will be permanent. The entire process is based on regaining your power and being able to (re)take control of your own life.


“Energetic therapy does not interfere with or replace a doctor's treatments. It is advisable to keep your doctor informed about this.”  


The treatment can take place on location or at home. Energetic treatments can be given live, online, by telephone or remotely. 

Investment, costs of energetic treatment

Energetic treatment per hour: € 75 (*)(**)

(*) Travel time compensation is charged per return for a treatment on location or at home.

Travel time allowance per return from and to Saeftinge 29 in Haarlem: €15 per 15 minutes or part thereof. plus any parking costs.


(**) Reimbursement by health insurers.

Reimbursement depends on the health insurer and the insurance package you have taken out in the supplementary insurance. I therefore advise you to always inform yourself about agreed policy conditions with your health insurer. These reimbursements do not affect the personal contribution or deductible. I am a registered therapist affiliated with the professional association VBAG (Association for the Promotion of Alternative Medicine). Only treatments by Registered Therapists are eligible for reimbursement from the health insurer.


Give yourself a gift full of peace and energy and healyour body and mind!



Do you want to book an energetic treatment, more information or do you have a question? Leave your details on the contact form below, so that I can contact you as soon as possible or use the chat, I am often present live (the chat is not a computer). Of course you can also email me directly at or call on 06 - 1038 1039.

What do clients say?

"I will never forget my first appointment with Joyce for an energetic treatment."

  It was the beginning of a new life with myself. Stress, fatigue, the feeling of having no control over my life and burnout complaints  were the reason to make an appointment. I hoped for an outside miracle and thought I would get a ready-made package from Joyce with an energetic treatment, so that what I ran into was solved.

I got something completely different and much more beautiful from Joyce by receiving the energetic treatments and nice conversations. I have learned to take my own responsibility, to be honest with myself and from there to change things from within myself. Joyce has the gift of creating a safe atmosphere in which everything is welcome and allowed to be there.

During a conversation she asks exactly the right questions, touches me and brings me to the core.

Joyce is open and honest, sometimes confrontational and always with the palpable loving intention to help. Joyce's energetic treatment is in line with what has been talked about.  Joyce not only looked and listened to my stress story and only treated those complaints. She saw me as a whole person and that talent is very valuable. Joyce suggested to me to start exercising with her in addition to energetic therapy in the form of personal training.

I was quite overweight and sports had become a far from my bed show and I felt what this proposal did to me. I wanted to and did not dare out of shame in front of my body. Joyce motivated me and I took the step. We started with walking and training and now I do a complete workout. It felt very safe and familiar to do this with Joyce as well.

I have developed strength and self-confidence. My body has changed, become slimmer and stronger and I feel connected to myself again. I feel like a different person, much happier, healthier, more confident and at the same time softer and more loving for myself and my environment because of the fine energy that flows within myself.

It was not a ready-made package. It was and is a beautiful path of learning, seeing, feeling and honesty. Being honest with myself and so on to the core of who I am and start living my life from there. An energetic treatment from Joyce is every time an intense moment for myself where I feel energy flowing, enjoy, relax and let go and then feel the space where the new loving energy flows that she shares with me.  

Marriëlle S.

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