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Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness

"Back to your natural state of bliss."


Burn out



Physical complaints such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain

Intestinal complaints









Menopause complaints


Meditation is a form of spiritual exercise with the aim of reconnecting with your core. I use concentration, visualization and breathing exercises. By getting in touch with your core you will immediately be able to restore your body and mind to their natural state of relaxation, calmness and tranquility. In this state of deep tranquility, space is created for insight.



Mindfulness is a training program that has been scientifically proven to help with a busy life, burnout, sleeping problems, stress, restlessness, lethargy, sadness and complaints.

Mindfulness helps you to recognize the underlying patterns, so that you can make positive changes in your behavioral patterns, so that your body and mind can return to their natural state of balance and harmony. This creates peace again, recovery from complaints and being able to enjoy life again.


When yoga, meditation or mindfulness and for whom?

In case of inconveniences such as:



Do you need more energy and feel good about yourself? Do you sometimes feel a bit stiff and would you like to get out of bed a little more smoothly in the morning to start your day with a fresh start? Yoga is the perfect way to do that. Through different postures in combination with breathing techniques I teach you how to reconnect with your body and help create the flexible body full of energy that you long for.


Yoga stimulates strength, flexibility, reduces stress, promotes general well-being and has a very beneficial effect on your overall health. Yoga not only makes your body flexible and resilient, but also your mind.




Do you keep grinding and feeling tired but can't get to sleep?

Are you ready for some peace of mind and would you like to feel relaxed again?


By means of meditation you bring back inner peace, so that you can empty your head again and your body will feel wonderfully relaxed again.

and all kinds of other inconveniences, complaints and illnesses.


Yoga, meditation and Mindfulness work on a physical, mental and spiritual level, so that there will be a positive effect in every area and on every complaint. Yoga, meditation or Mindfulness is certainly very valuable for everyone, we all live in a busy society where you quickly run past yourself. My experience shows that it is precisely the people who feel that they do not need this to benefit the most.


Results yoga, meditation and Mindfulness

good health

inner peace

positive outlook on life

acceptance of things you cannot change

positive self-image

more energy

meaning in life!

self confidence

personal growth

deal easily with change

good night

good relationships

feeling of overall well-being


Yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions can be done live, online and on location (indoors or outdoors). First, there will be an introductory meeting, in which clarity will be created in who you are, where you are at the moment and what you have in mind. From here we start with a tailor-made training at your “level” and we will take steps at your pace to achieve your goal. During a series of sessions, there is an interim evaluation of where you are now and I will make adjustments where necessary in the process. Suppose you find it difficult to concentrate, I will challenge you with more concentration-oriented exercises and give you more tips in that area.


Yoga class from Joyce Romkes


Yoga, meditation and mindfulness can take place on location or at home. Sessions can be given live, online, by telephone or remotely. The session is given according to the latest COVID-19 measures.

Investment, cost of a yoga, meditation or mindfulness training

Private session Yoga/Meditation/Mindfulness : €80 per hour (*)

Company workshop Yoga/Meditation : €250 per hour (excl. VAT 21%) (*)

(*) Travel time compensation is calculated per return for a session on location or at home.

​ Travel time allowance per return from and to Saeftinge 29 in Haarlem: €15 per 15 minutes or part thereof. plus any parking costs.


Do you want to relax and feel good in your body again?
Book your yoga, meditation or Mindfulness session now!


Do you want to book a yoga, meditation or mindfulness, more information or do you have a question. Then leave your details on the contact form, so that I can contact you as soon as possible. Or use the chat, I am often present live (the chat is not a computer). Of course you can also e-mail me directly to  or call on 06 - 1038 1039.

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Energetic Therapy Joyce Romkes

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